an explorative and global designer fully engaged in
improving user experiences for those in need

Usability Study & User Research

This was a Usability Study conducted in class for Urban Kids.

The goal of this study was to determine any shortcomings of the current website and improve the online shopping experience for the users. As one of the Moderator in the study, I interviewed the respondent, asked questions to discover their needs and intentions. My role supported and assisted the respondent while keeping conscious of not influencing their actions, decisions, and interactions on the website.

User Research & Information Architecture

This was class group project.

Our group of 3 team members designed an e-commerce website for a fictional watch company. Prior to designing the app, we did preliminary research work including market analysis, user personas, information architecture, and card sorting of the taxonomy for the site.

Web Development & Design

Westminster Private Wealth

The existing website for this company is being overhauled and rebuilt to compliment their new brand. Working alongside a team of Copywriter & Graphic Designer, together we rebranded the company site making it more cohesive with the company’s vision while providing information and a tool to convert traffic to new business. My job here included building and launching the site live and contributing to the UX design components of the site.

This site is currently work in progress. Below are some of the preliminary work.

This was the initial site architecture, while some changes have been made along the way.

Prior to creating the copy for the site, research was done for the necessary keywords we will need to account for. Thought was placed into the final SEO of the site.

Market research was done prior to ensure we understood our audience and user as well as what the competitions were doing.

Other Design and Publishing Work

Westminster Private Wealth

This brochure was created with team members. The brochure serves to consider the new brand of the company and utilized in its marketing initiatives. My role as the Project Manager was integral in getting through the entire project from start to finish.

Beverly Ann’s Desserts

The owner runs a small business producing customized cakes and baked goods. She needed some marketing media to showcase her products. This publishment was created to distribute to her existing clientele and new customers.

These are Class and Spec work.

I enjoy exploring and expanding my creativity. These are some of the creative projects I have worked on over the years.